Enterprise Category Location
Aapi Healthcare USA
C.V.N Kalari chikilsa Healthcare India
N.C.Agency,Inc. Healthcare USA
Planwellindia Healthcare India
Isf Association Healthcare India
Taco Vision Healthcare India
Sushrut Surgicals Healthcare India
  Intox Healthcare India
Biomed Healthcare India Healthcare USA
Dr. Paresh K. Doshi Healthcare USA
Plasticsurgeonashok Healthcare Dubai
Safescreen Healthcare UK
Harivihar Healthcare India
Freedomhealth Healthcare USA
Alphamedicare Healthcare India

Medical Testimonials
  • CGS Infotech’s web-based physician practice management system can enable AAPI members to manage their practice online. Your terms are fairly attractive.
    - Dr. Dinesh Goel, MD – AAPI.

  • We are satisfied with the service and prompt response we receive from CGS Infotech, Inc.
    - Dr. Narendra Deshmukh, MD, INTOX
Media Report
  • CGS Infotech has contributed to the success of thousands of organizations.
    - Dr. Narendra Deshmukh, MD, INTOX

  • CGS Infotech offers affordable and effective website design packages for European industry.
    - Gujarat Samachar – Europe.
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