Medical Directories:

Webtech Healthcare has pioneered the online availability of information and resources related to healthcare.

Please feel to browse through following useful resources and directories related to healthcare.

  • - Online Physician’s Directory is easy to use, comprehensive directory of doctors in United States. The directory allows you to locate doctors by specialty, state and city. There is no charge to use this directory. Doctors can also list themselves on the directory free of charge.

  • - Online Hospital Directory. is simple, effective and valuable directory of major hospitals in United States. The hospital directory allows you to search for hospitals in the state and city of your choice. Hospitals can list themselves absolutely free of charge on this popular directory.

  • - Directory of Alternative Medicines is an extremely useful resource and directory of leading practitioners of alternative medicine. This directory helps you to locate the best practitioners for your needs.

  • - Ayurveda Information. provides information on Ayurveda and the benefits offered by Ayurvedic treatment.

Medical Testimonials
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